Why I hired this freelancer, then hired her again and again

SFF141: Why I Hired This Freelancer (and then hired her again, and again, and again!)

Ever wondered what your clients & potential clients are thinking? What makes them decide to hire a freelancer from a cold pitch? What are they thinking while you’re working together? And how do they decide whether to lose your info, or hire you again (and again, and again)? In this interview with freelance graphic designer Atara, you’ll hear a client’s perspective on what makes a freelancer irresistible.

In the interview (which you’ll love), we will cover:

  • The exact pitch that landed the job
  • How to turn “We’ll let you know” replies into clients
  • How to make the most of your discovery calls
  • How to leverage Instagram as a freelancer
  • The secret to how she learned to freelance successfully
  • How she landed a $1500/month retainer
  • The two-second trick that had a massive impact on client satisfaction
  • And more!

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Being the freelancer clients rave about

Atara isn’t an in-demand graphic designer with a massive following (yet!). She doesn’t have a decade of experience or a huge network of contacts to help her find work. But she does have something even better: She knows the secrets to finding clients, pitching successfully, and being a kicka$$ freelancer who clients want to tell everyone about.

About Atara

Atara Himmel is a New York based graphic designer specializing in brand design. Through her studio, Everbee Design, she creates authentic branding for passion-led businesses. She runs on coffee, curiosity, and the constant excitement that comes with being creative.

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