Fashion Freelancer Q&A: Why Are Brands Ghosting Me?

SFF151: Fashion Freelancer Q&A: Why Are Brands Ghosting Me?

You’ve landed a new client, and the trial project they requested went great! You’re ready to start the full project with them. But then, they suddenly stop replying to your emails. You try following up, but it’s like they’ve vanished.

You’ve been ghosted. And it sucks. 

Were your rates too high? Did you do something wrong? 

That’s what I explore with this week’s guest, Anna. She’s a FAST student with a couple of years’ experience freelancing. But when she was ghosted by a couple clients in a row, she started to lose her confidence. Is she really a good enough designer? And if she is, why did they bail?

In the interview (which you’ll love), we will cover:

  • What you should–and shouldn’t!–change in how you interact with clients
  • Why your rate probably isn’t the problem
  • Tips for filtering out the ones that aren’t worth your time
  • The most important takeaway when your freelance efforts don’t work out
  • And more!

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freelance fashion designer anna keomoegi

About Anna

Anna Keomegi is a freelance menswear designer and sustainability advocate. She helps brands to start or improve their sustainability journey and create unique and quirky designs. She loves working with start-ups, but believes that any size of business can improve and incorporate new innovations.

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