Free Fashion Design Templates & Tutorials

My best free fashion design templates and tutorials. ALL IN ONE PLACE.


P.S. My free stuff is better than what most people charge for 😉

Why do I give all these free fashion design templates + tutorials away?

The fashion industry is competitive and secretive. People put up barriers and don’t want to share anything.

Me? I don’t get it. And it’s not my character.

So instead, I give away loads of free resources like:

  • Fashion flat templates + step by step tutorials on how to use them
  • Tech pack templates with videos so you know how to fill them out
  • Guides on creating your fashion portfolio with examples
  • Swipe copy templates for pitching and getting more freelance work

Beyond this? I do have some premium pay for programs.

And yes, I know you’re probably wondering:

“Why would I pay for your courses when I can use all (100+) of your free Illustrator tutorials and step-by-step guides?”

You know what?

You’re RIGHT!

(Secret: it’s entirely possible that I *MAY HAVE* done this on purpose. GASP.)

I WANT you to USE my free content.

Squeeze every last DROP out of it. Watch every last second of every last video.

Which is why I compiled the best of the best for you right here in one spot.

Because if my FREE content helps you…

Sketch better fashion flats in Illustrator

Create professional tech packs

Layout an amazing fashion portfolio

…then what magical wonders do you think the PAID content could do???

My paid content is several steps ABOVE the free stuff. Here’s what you get with PAID content:

  • In-depth tutorials that flow seamlessly from one to another to take you start to finish
  • Brand spankin’ new stuff that I’ve NEVER published on the blog (and never will!)
  • Templates, libraries and premium video content (that blows my YouTube channel out of the water)…and it’s waiting for you to binge on demand #netflixstyle
  • Exercises that will help you get out of that RUT where you feel like there’s TOO much on your plate and you have no idea where to start.
  • Access to ME. (woot!) Because sometimes you have questions unique to YOU and your situation. And while I don’t answer questions for free via email (I get them a lot), I do answer all my students’ questions. ( ← I’ve even been known to make extra videos just to help one student with a unique problem.)

So if you’re just in this to learn a few tricks here and there, by ALL means, stick to the free stuff. It’s ready and waiting for you all the time.

But if you want the real MEAT…those things that make the difference between:

  • Getting the job or NOT getting the job
  • Spending 20 minutes or 2 HOURS drawing a flat
  • Falling in love with Illustrator (yes, I’ve been known to cast magic spells on people that makes this happen) or throwing your computer OUT THE WINDOW
  • Creating a professional tech pack that gets you a perfect proto…the first time

(oh, and you’re ready to finally feel confident in yourself)…

Then get yourself on the waitlist for my flagship Masterclass to find out first when it opens (just a few times a year).