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How to find freelance fashion design clients

SFD126 How to Find Freelance Fashion Design Clients

March 29, 2021

Learn new strategies for finding freelance fashion design clients, charging a retainer for consistent income, and growing your freelance fashion business even when it seems like there’s no work out there.

Sophia is a full-time fashion freelancer who moved from NYC to Texas and grew her freelance business–during Covid! If you’ve been struggling to find clients for your freelance fashion business, this episode is a must listen.

In the interview (which you’ll love), we will cover:

  • How Sophia got started freelancing in fashion
  • What freelance services she offers
  • The time managers laughed at her for suggesting people could work remotely (before the pandemic proved them SO wrong)
  • Why she stayed on Fiverr–even when she was working full time in the NYC garment district
  • How she moved away from New York, but stayed in the fashion industry
  • The strategies Sophia has used to find new clients (even during Covid)
  • The creative way she’s planning to grow her client base
  • How she charges a retainer for her services
  • And more!

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Sophia’s Bio:

My name is Sophia Naz Shah and I left my full time job in the NY garment district to become a Remote Apparel Designer … During the pandemic. I am passionate about helping clients through the process of getting their design ideas all the way through to a finished product. Building my business has given me the freedom to work with very different types of wearable innovations and listen to the unique stories that hind those endeavors. The 8 years of working my way up the corporate ladder in the fashion industry gave me the insight, tools and really the motivation I needed to become a fashion entrepreneur and pursue a way to do the work I love and create my own schedule and freedom to travel (once that can happen again)!

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