SFD061 Are You Ready to Quit Your Job for Your Fashion Startup Business?

You have had this full time corporate fashion job for several years. You’re comfortable where you’re at, with benefits, income and stability. But you also have this “passion project” that you started as a creative outlet and it has turned into a fashion startup business. You spend all your free time designing, making, creating and problem solving in your craft.

But now you’re stuck. This fashion startup business has begun to flourish, your process has streamlined and your passion has grown and yet you’re still working your 9-5 fashion job. Figuring out where to go from here can be rather unnerving.

This is exactly what Jackie Ayres from Dyetology did. I am so excited to share with you how she QUIT HER DAY JOB FOR HER FASHION STARTUP BUSINESS and made it work.

In the interview (Which I know you’ll love) we cover:

  • The journey to finding your passion in the fashion industry
  • Turning your passion project into a profitable fashion business
  • Finding the energy to “do it all” when running your fashion startup
  • Why you should allow yourself to dream
  • How she used her corporate job to fund her fashion startup business
  • Feeling at peace with quitting your corporate fashion job
  • How to leave corporate life and move into entrepreneurship
  • Her thoughts on “doing the research” for yourself
  • Finding a mentor or support group established in the fashion industry
  • Why you have to ask yourself “do you love it” because no one else will

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Jackie Ayres from Dyetology hand dyes textiles that she turns into scarves, shawls, skirts and tops. She spent 3 years organically growing her startup fashion business all while raising her son and working her full time corporate fashion job. Using this overlapping time to really learn what she liked about the hand dying industry and teaching herself what was needed to make it into a profitable business.

Like you, Jackie dreamed about her startup while working her corporate full time job.

She spent 14 years designing in the corporate world honing her talents and learning form the best in the industry. While climbing the corporate ladder she felt like her job was void of the kind of creative outlet that would leave her feeling passionate. So she started hand dyeing textiles out of her home and soon learned this was a passion project she wanted to turn into a full time career.

More than just a designer – how she would love to help you!

She loves to be transparent with her customers, followers and any one who asks for her advice about how she got to this point in her career that she is at. As long has you have the drive and have done the background research she is more than willing to help answer any questions you have about this scary transition from corporate life to small business owner. She hopes to break down some of the barriers that most of us face in the fashion industry when it comes to sharing helpful information.

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