Fashion School Portfolio by Sew Heidi

Fashion Design Student? Your Portfolio MUST have these TWO things

There’s a common mistake all fashion design students make in their portfolio.

And before I tell you what it is, please know, it’s not your fault.

Schools don’t teach you any better.

Which is why I’m here to show you the TWO things your fashion school portfolio┬ámust include (and what to leave out).

Because here’s the thing…

When you first start out in the fashion industry, you’re not going to be designing.

I hate to burst your bubble, but that’s left to more experienced staff and senior level designers.

You’re going to be doing a lot of the day-to-day production work.

Think: sketching flats in Adobe Illustrator and creating tech packs.

So, in case you guessed, you have to include those in your portfolio.

In this Five Minute Fashion Portfolio Critique, we’ll go through what I often see in a recent grad’s portfolio, and what you can put in your book instead.

Meet the designers -> Candace’s Portfolio + Pia Chan’s Portfolio

A fashion student portfolio is a HUGE job, and I know this is just a snippet of the help you need.

Which is why I wrote an entire book on how to get your portfolio right, fast. And I want you to have it for FREE. Grab your copy right here:


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