How this freelancer quadrupled her income and took 2 months off

SFF168: How This Freelancer Quadrupled Her Income (and took 2 months off)

Can you imagine having the flexibility and resources to just simply… take 2 months off from work? Well, in this episode of the Successful Fashion Freelancer podcast, I bring back a former FAST: Freelance Accelerator student and we discuss how she did just that. And get this: she funded it by quadrupling her income as a freelancer in the first half of this year alone!

Definitely take a listen with Alexandra as we discuss how she accomplished this as well as the personal and philosophical growth she experienced as a freelancer. (Spoiler alert: she lives her life on her own terms!)

In the interview (which you’ll love), we will cover:

  • Freelancing vs full-time jobs
  • How to manage clients and work load
  • Finances with hard numbers 
  • And more!

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About Alexandra

Alexandra Agreda is a 3D Pattern Maker helping brands launch their physical and digital collections through innovative development. A previous guest on the Successful Fashion Freelancer podcast, Alexandra has grown so much and experienced the true benefits of her freelance career since joining the FAST: Freelance Accelerator program.

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