SFF137 Fashion Freelancer Q&A: I feel like I’m losing my skills and confidence…

If you’ve ever felt rusty or worried that you’re losing your edge in your fashion career, this episode is for you. Tina is a freelancer in Germany. Coming from the activewear category, she now exclusively designs workwear, and loves it! But will her workwear clients notice that she’s “lost” her activewear skills? And how can she get them back?

In the interview (which you’ll love), we will cover:

  • Have you really lost those skills? 
  • How to explain a change in category to your clients
  • Ways you can maintain your knowledge of one category while working in another
  • How to get practice–and validation!–in another category (WITHOUT working for free!)
  • How to restore your confidence in your skills
  • The value of going beyond your comfort zone in your fashion freelance career
  • And more!

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About Tina

Tina Knebel is a freelance designer with 18 years experience in outdoor, activewear and protective wear clothing. She has worked as a technician, fabric developer and designer. Freelancing since 2019, she has designed everything from Business suits and flight attendant uniforms to heat-safe welding wear. 

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Resources & People Mentioned

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  • Check out Tina’s website
  • Connect with Tina on LinkedIn
  • Interested in working with Tina? Email her at mail [at] tinaknebel.de

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