Fashion Design Templates

Years ago I realized there were hundreds (if not thousands) of fashion flat templates, brushes and trim libraries on my hard drive. I knew I wasn’t the only one hoarding tons of valuable files.

Instead of letting them collect dust, it made more sense to share them.

Which is exactly why I created Illustrator Stuff, a marketplace for fashionistas to buy and sell vector sketches.

So, how does it work?

You can buy fashion templates

For a couple bucks, you can snag reusable brushes (zippers, stitching, etc), trim libraries (buttons, rhinestones, etc) and fashion flat sketches of any garment you could imagine. All files are vector and fully editable in Illustrator.

Best part? You’ll save hours of time versus starting from a blank page.

Added bonus? 70% of every sale gets paid directly back to the designer who created the file. Now that’s what I call community support.


You can sell fashion templates

Earn cold hard cash for work you’ve already done. It’s free to create a shop and add products. Every time someone buys your designs, you earn 70% of the sale price. We handle file delivery, hosting and transactions.

You sit back and collect money.  Simple as that.