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Fashion Design Podcasts: Why You Can’t Trust All the “Top 10” Lists

There are a lot of fashion design podcasts out there. And some of them are really good!

If you google “fashion design podcast,” you’ll get a ton of “Top 10 Fashion Design Podcasts” lists and articles. They’re even often curated by top publications like Vogue and InStyle.

So I started clicking through to these top Google search results to see what “best fashion design podcasts” they were recommending.

And I was a little startled…

Sure, they had some good podcasts on there.

But A LOT of these “top fashion design podcasts” lists had shows that are dead!

Shows that hadn’t published in a couple years, yet they were listed.

I don’t know about you, but I wonder…

How is a podcast that hasn’t published since 2020 being included on a list of “top 10 fashion design podcasts in 2023”?!

Or even worse, a show that has 4 episodes and hasn’t published since 2017?!

Top Fashion design Podcasts

Now, don’t get me wrong. I loved…LOVED…the Fashion Revolution podcast episodes. 

But it was a small series, and then it was done!

So it makes me wonder…

How can I trust a list like this?

How can the writer recommend fashion design podcasts that aren’t published anymore?

Are these recs worth anything? 

On a selfish level, I was a little peeved.

Because I have a fashion design podcast! 

And humble brag, I’ll tell you that it’s GOOD. Like reeeeally good!

Almost 300 people on Apple Podcasts think it’s a reeeeaally good fashion design podcast too!

Successful Fashion Freelancer Fashion Design Podcast

So back to the “top fashion design podcasts” lists…

I’m not on any of them. Yikes!

Which is why I decided to write this lil’ article to, well, yaknow, rank in the SEOs for “fashion design podcast.”

Alright, my passion around top fashion podcast lists aside, I’d love to tell you a little more about my fashion design podcast. Cool?

Fashion Designers Get Paid is a podcast for burnt out fashion designers (and TDs, PDs, textile designers, and beyond) who want more flexibility while still doing work they love..

Fashion Designers Get Paid is the fashion design podcast for you if…

You’re sick of the rat race and 80 hour a week grind in fashion. 

You’d love to have more freedom in your day (instead of being tied to a desk), but you don’t see it happening in the industry. 

Because working in-house means long hours, low pay and toxic offices.

You believe that to work in fashion, you have to put up with the eternal abuse…

Or you have to start your own brand. 


Your own fashion brand…

The promise of creative freedom and working for yourself sounds good!

But you’re a little skeptical.

Because the time, money and grit required seem like a lot (you know what goes into a brand).

Still, you’re not willing to give up on your dream of working in fashion. 

So how do you make your fashion design career work for you, instead of the other way around?

In the Fashion Designers Get Paid podcast, I show you a different way of doing things in this industry. 

The show goes against what everyone says, “brands don’t accept remote freelancers,” and teaches you that it actually IS possible to be a real freelancer in fashion, in control of your own business (and life). 

And, well, GET PAID!

FDGP takes you behind the scenes to share real-life stories of freelancers who’ve done it and how they’ve gotten there.

There’s never been a better time to be a freelance fashion designer. 

More and more fashionistas are taking the exciting (and sometimes scary) leap to work for themselves and call their own shots as freelancers. 

We don’t need more people putting up with the rat race that is the fashion industry. 

We need people like you who are willing to stand up, command a fair rate and fair work ethics while doing the work you’re passionate about.

If any of this resonates with you…

You’ll love the Fashion Designers Get Paid podcast.

Because (last humble brag), I’ve been told it’s one of the best fashion design podcasts out there.

Click below to listen on any of the major platforms, or search “Fashion Designers Get Paid” wherever you get your podcasts.

Thanks for reading, and much love.

Heidi signature

P.S. Oh right, I should probably include my own list of “top 10 fashion design podcasts,” right?! 

Well here’s the thing… 

The knowledge, resources and information you need to build a successful freelance career in the fashion industry don’t come from inside the fashion industry. 

Which is why I don’t listen to many fashion podcasts!

So, I curated 2 lists for you. One of the top “fashion design podcast episodes” from my show that I’d highly recommend, and a list of the top podcasts I listen to.

Here you go!

Top episodes from my fashion podcast:

  1. How This Freelancer Quadrupled Her Income (and Took 2 Months Off)
  2. Breaking Back Into Fashion After Burnout
  3. Starting a Brand vs Freelancing: Which is Better?
  4. Fashion Freelancer Q&A: What to Do When a Client Ghosts Me (and How to Charge for Meetings + Phone Calls)
  5. How to Source Fabrics for Your Freelance Clients
  6. How this Freelance Patternmaker Beat her Full Time Income by 75% (Part 1)
  7. “I Turned My Side Hustle into My Full Time Hustle”
  8. Fashion Freelancer Q&A: What Should My services Be? (The Skills I Have of What I Love?)
  9. The Fashion Freelancer Who Never Wanted to be a Freelancer
  10. What to Include in a Freelance Fashion Designer Contract

My favorite podcasts*:

  • Ditching Hourly is hosted by Jonathan Stark, someone I’ve followed and listened to for a long time. He’s brilliant in many ways, but his specialty is freelancing. While most of his audience leans software developer-y, the concepts and strategies can be applied to freelancing in fashion too. It was an honor when he invited me to guest on his show after I’d listened to him for years!
  • The Freelancers’ Show also features Jonathan Stark as a co-host. It’s specifically geared towards developers, but I’ve referred it to freelance fashion designers before who’ve loved it. If you want to dig deep into business, pricing and negotiating strategy in your freelance career, this is the show for you. Disclaimer: they haven’t published since 2021, but the content is still highly relevant.
  • Double Your Freelancing is hosted by Brennan Dunn, a brilliant marketer and freelancer. I personally know Brennan, have consulted with him on marketing for SFD, and can say with confidence he’s one of the smartest people I know. Disclaimer: the show is no longer published as of 2021, but the content is still highly relevant.
  • Experts Unleashed is hosted by Joel Erwin, a marketing and webinar expert. He brings on experts from different industries, none of whom work in fashion as freelancers freelancing. But the insights are still brilliant. I hit play on most episodes even when the title doesn’t resonate, and I always walk away spinning with ideas.
  • Everyone Hates Marketers is hosted by Louis Grenier, an awesome french guy who drops his fair share of f-bombs. His marketing advice usually goes against the grain, and so do the insights his guests bring. It’s always a fun listen and I walk aways with ideas on how to zig when everyone else is zagging.
  • How I Built This is hosted by Guy Raz and likely a podcast you’ve heard of. It’s a big popular one! Very highly produced, the show goes through the entrepreneurial journeys and stories of how people built their businesses.

*I am a big believer in looking outside your specific industry for ideas and inspiration. The lessons learned in these shows can all be applied to being a freelance fashion designer. You may have to extrapolate a little more, but there’s brilliant marketing and business advice in all these shows. And! Unless specifically mentioned, all of these shows have been recently active as of publishing this article (June 2023)!


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