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How to Create Space Dye Texture Patterns in Illustrator

Simple repeating textile patterns like stripes and polka dots are quick and easy to make in Adobe Illustrator. But textures like heathers, melange and space dyes can be harder to realistically emulate.

Space Dye Patterns in Illustrator

If you’re like me and work in the activewear market, then you see these textures everywhere. They’re on leggings, tanks, jackets, and any other item you’re wearing to yoga or running errands (and yes, I wear a lot of leggings).

Now, if you don’t know how space dye patterns are made (in real life, not in Illustrator)… let me indulge myself and get a little geeky on you.

Instead of trying to explain how the various processes work, I’ll share the best vid I could find on YT and even give you a cheat sheet to jump around:

  • Rotoprint – continuous yarn printing machine: (0:11)
  • Conoprint – machine for the polychromatic dyeing of cones and bobbins: (0:50)
  • Multispace – plant for the polychromatic dyeing of yarns in hanks: (3:28)
  • Spraychromatic (6:29)

And if you’re finally ready to make a space dye pattern in Adobe Illustrator, click here for the step by step video tutorial to learn how.
Create Space Dye Yarn Repeating Patterns in Illustrator {Sew Heidi}


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