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Illustrator vs. Photoshop for Fashion Design

Perceptions are fascinating. We believe them. We beat ourselves up over them. And one of the most common misconceptions in the fashion world is that you have to know BOTH Photoshop AND Illustrator. Which can feel really overwhelming. Photoshop does have a purpose, but it’s not sketching flats (or most other things we do). As […]

What is a tech pack?

What is the best way to create tech packs? What is the industry standard? How do I know if my tech pack is complete? There are no exact answers to these questions. But questions like what is a tech pack is? What does a tech pack include? Those questions have specific answers – and I’ve addressed them […]

How to Charge for Freelance Fashion Design Work?!

We all just wanted to get a fair rate for our work without selling ourselves short. Years ago, I figured out a pricing strategy that allowed me to triple my hourly rate – without having to charge my clients more. This video will show you exactly how.

Fashionpedia: Why Every Designer Needs This Book

As a fashion designer, it’s hard to remember what every type of garment detail is called (there are SO many kinds of pockets, sleeves, necklines, etc). Add textiles, trims, dyeing and printing techniques to that list, and your head will explode with all the variations. Enter Fashionpedia: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design. I had no […]

How to Change Colors in Illustrator (for fashion flats, pattern swatches & other artwork)

Creating colorways and recoloring fashion flats in Illustrator can feel tedious. I know because I’ve watched hundreds of designers do it the long way… Doing things the long way in Ai looks like: Manually selecting each individual object on fashion flats. Editing every motif in repeating pattern swatches one by one. Messing with grouping and ungrouping to select and […]

The Ultimate Guide to Fashion Design Industry Terminology & Abbreviations

The fashion industry is intimidating. And if you don’t know the right technical terms, you can embarrass yourself. Maybe you’ve found yourself in acronym and terminology overload…tech pack, BOM, graded spec, block, CF, HPS, DNTS. What do all these words mean…and do you need to know all of them? It can feel overwhelming. Which is […]

The 9 Quickest Tricks to Sketch Beautiful Fashion Flats in Illustrator

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned over the years is the 80/20 rule. It can be applied to anything in life. Do you know how it works? Here are 2 examples: 80% of your success comes from 20% of your work 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers Bottom line? […]

Here’s my one word for 2017…what’s yours?

There’s a reason I’m writing this post a few days after New Year’s. I bet you’ve been overwhelmed with emails and articles about resolutions, goals, and all the other things you “should” be doing at the beginning of 2017…and you’ve barely had a chance to pay attention any of them. If you’re anything like me, you were busy […]

Building Good Habits Now Will Pay Off Later

I’m not going on a diatribe about making habits. Or tell you it takes 21 days to make a good one or break a bad one. But you should know that starting with a foundation of good habits in Illustrator will pay off ten fold in the long run. And the Illustrator video tutorial I just released […]

It’s normal to feel nervous, but Illustrator shouldn’t make you panic

I know what anxiety and panic feel like. These are normal emotions that we all experience. And there are times when they’re justified. But there are times when you don’t have to feel this way. And I don’t know about you, but I’ll take any chance I can to avoid these emotions. Because let’s be honest…anxiety and panic aren’t fun. When […]

Easily Sketch Pleats on Your Fashion Flats

Drawing pleats on your fashion flats may seem tricky, but with a few secret tricks, it’s super easy. Learn how to quickly emulate pleats in Illustrator using simple tools…so you never have to draw this detail by hand again.

What Goes in a Tech Pack?

A tech pack is the blueprint to get your garment manufactured…which sounds simple enough until you sit down and try to put it all together. The amount of details you need to spec become overwhelming. How much info is enough? Should you create it in Illustrator? Where do you put certain things? To start, let’s look at […]

My Hair Has Been Many Pantone Colors

In the past few years we’ve started to see Pantone everywhere – from furniture to coffee makers. Buzzfeed even went so far as to put together a Pantone rainbow of celebrity hair colors. So of course, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see how much of the rainbow I could make. It’s far from the full spectrum, but […]

How to Be a Fashion Designer without Going to School

Fashion school’s not for everyone. I didn’t go, and you don’t have to either. Tuition is expensive. Four years is a long time. Or maybe you feel like it’s just too late to go back to school. I’ll show you the exact steps you can follow (and what skills you don’t need to learn) to make it as a fashion designer without going to school.

3 AI tutorials to help you stop *bleeping* screaming at your computer right now

Illustrator makes you frustrated that you’re missing something. As soon as you feel the tiniest bit “comfortable” with the program, some other issue pops up. Here are 3 of my favorite tuts to help you gain more confidence and get ahead.

How to Work Faster in Illustrator

One of the simplest ways to work faster in Illustrator is by cleaning up your workspace. It’s not glamorous and it’s not brag worthy (you probably won’t be saying “oh, look what I can do!”). But it’s a super easy way to increase your efficiency, and the best part is that it’ll take you just 5 […]

The Successful Fashion Designer Party…was a BLAST!

Right before I moved from NYC to Denver, I decided it would be fun to throw a party…so that’s just what I did. The goal was to bring together like minded people in the industry – Successful Fashion Designers – for a night of inspiring conversation, collaboration, and some good old fun. The night was more than […]

Why You Should Live in NYC (at least once in your life)

New York freaking City. Yes, life is more stressful here, more expensive here, and just plain harder here, but nothing compares to living in this crazy place. Here are some reasons you should figure out a way to live here at least once in your life.

So, You Want to Sketch Beautiful Fashion Flats in Illustrator? Watch this Video First.

I hear things like this all the time: “I just want to sketch flats that look like real garments instead of circles and squares.” “I can sketch by hand really well, but always fight to create stylized flats in Illustrator.” “I really want my flats to look more relaxed and not so technical!” Well, guess what?! Adding some […]

How I Made it as A Fashion Designer…Even Though I Can’t Draw

You don’t have to know how to draw to be a fashion designer. But you do need to know how to use Illustrator. Don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how.


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