Bonus Episode: What I Wish I Knew About a Fashion Career (from 10 industry experts)

Becoming a fashion designer in real life is not what most people think it is.

Because what you see on Project Runway and what you learn in school is not how the industry actually works.

So if you want a career in fashion, get the inside scoop from 10 industry experts.

Most of them have between 10-20 years experience, and they’ve worked at Brands like Lululemon, Under Armour, TopShop, Mavi Jeans, and Roxy.

Their designs have been Featured in magazines like InStyle, Vogue and Sports Illustrated.

If I were you? I’d take their advice VERY seriously.

Get ready for some good stuff (you know, the stuff no one talks about). It’s why I call it FASHION INDUSTRY SECRETS REVEALED.

Note: This was originally released on YouTube as part of the full Fashion Industry Secrets Revealed series (check out all episodes here). This episode lent so well to audio that we decided to release it as a bonus episode – enjoy!

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