Banana Republic Instagram Ad: The Reality of Fashion Design

Instagram just released video ads, and Banana Republic was one of the first to jump on board.  While I respect and admire fashion illustrators, I also couldn’t help but think, “You don’t go from a pretty illustration to a fully manufactured garment.”  In reality, I’d argue that there are more fashion designers out there who work exclusively (or mostly) on a computer than those who sketch by hand to design.

This video is my interpretation of a more realistic design process (with the BR ad as an overlay in the bottom right corner) and you can read my full editorial on how this Banana Republic ad unrealistically portrays a modern fashion design world.

If you’re trying to break into the fashion industry or looking for a job as a fashion designer, don’t think you’re going to graduate from fashion school and get a job sketching pretty pictures all day.  The reality is you need to be savvy on the computer and learn how to use Illustrator for fashion design to sketch flats, create repeating patterns and spec a garment.


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