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Finally stop YELLING at your computer…and just get Illustrator to do what you want.

Learn how with my free guide + 37 step by step Illustrator tutorials for fashion.

Even if…

  • You’re an absolute beginner and completely overwhelmed
  • You’ve been hobbling along hacking things together
  • You’re old school and sketch by hand

“I almost cried, realizing how much time I’ve been wasting.” – Anya

Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design Ultimate Guide with Free Tutorials

Fashion Designer Portfolio Book by Sew Heidi

Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Fashion Portfolio (in one weekend)

If you’re anything like most fashion designers, you’re guilty of “making a career” out of creating a fashion portfolio. It’s a daunting task that takes over your life, and you wind up taking a ridiculous amount of time just to plan how to best show your talent, skills and creativity. But what if I told you, that in ONE weekend, you could g
How to Get a Fashion Design Job: Free Book by Sew Heidi

How to Get a Fashion Design Job

You want to know what happens when you go to fashion school? They teach you how to tap into your creativity by hand sketching, draping, and sewing beautiful designs. And while you may walk away with gorgeous portfolio from your senior collection, a book full of amazing sketches and photos of your runway show is not going to get you a job.


"Everything finally feels acheivable and you’ve made it very easy for people to learn Illustrator." - Hayley R
"You’re my first reference when I need to figure out how to do something or I think 'there must be an easier way!'" - Karen L
"I did a 2-year fashion course and I still learned more in this video than in 2 6-week modules!" - Calvin D
"I'm more confident with AI and it's not this scary thing that I am just doing WRONG." - Heather D
Sketch Fashion Flats in Illustrator (Without the Pen Tool)

How to Sketch Fashion Flats in Illustrator (Without The Pen Tool)

Learn to sketch without the Pen Tool in my free 13 minute video (and cut your design time in half). I created it just for fashion designers just like YOU.
Successful Fashion Designer Podcast: Networking Tips

SFD066 10 Easy Networking Tips (you can use today) to Get Ahead in Fashion

One of the best ways to get ahead in fashion – whether it’s to get your first (or next) job or to launch your own fashion brand – is networking. Now, I know, no one really wants to “network”. But here’s the thing: You don’t have to do that “networking” thing. Instead, you can just focus on making friends and having

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