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SFD104 What Is a Fashion Tech Pack (and do you really need one)?

Most aspiring fashionistas don’t envision their fashion career and think, “I can’t wait to create an amazing tech pack!” But love them or hate them, tech packs are a crucial part of getting your garments from your head into your customers’ hands. In this episode you’ll hear from Belinda Jacobs of Tech Packs Co on what a tech pack REALLY needs, why they are SO important, and how you can be sure yours gets the job done RIGHT!

Hospital Protective Gown Pattern + Tech Pack for COVID-19

Here is a free hospital protective gown pattern + tech pack to help protect against the spread of COVID-19 as provided by one of my students, Sabrina Lafon. If you have questions, please contact Sabrina directly: Email : I have not tested this pattern nor do I know what materials are approved. She produced this […]

Why A Tech Pack is Essential for Your Fashion Design Success

Fashion designers need tech packs! If you want to work in the industry, understanding how to build one fast is essential. Unfortunately, my inbox is filled with emails like this way too often: And it doesn’t matter if you’re sourcing locally or overseas, the same problems come up. Which is exactly why I’ve created loads […]

My 3 Best Tech Pack Tricks for Fashion Designers

Tech are tedious – and you’d rather spend time designing than speccing. But they’re a requirement to get product made correctly. These simple shortcuts will save you hours in Illustrator and Excel

How to auto calculate grade rules in your tech pack using formulas in Excel

I see many designers doing tech packs in Illustrator and – gasp – MANUALLY calculating grade rules! Please, don’t do this! Use Excel and the simple formulas to make sure your spec sheet is accurate and that everything AUTOMATICALLY updates if you make any changes! You will learn: 00:38 Defining your sample size in your […]

How to Spec a Garment for Your Fashion Tech Pack

How do you know what POMs (points of measure) to include in your spec sheet? How do you figure out where to put them? Luckily, someone made a book for us! The Spec Manual by Michele Wesen Bryant and Diane DeMers is the best (and only one that I know of) reference book you can […]

What is a tech pack?

What is the best way to create tech packs? What is the industry standard? How do I know if my tech pack is complete? There are no exact answers to these questions. But questions like what is a tech pack is? What does a tech pack include? Those questions have specific answers – and I’ve addressed them […]

What Goes in A Tech Pack?

I get a lot of questions from fashion designers about what you need to include in your tech pack (or spec sheet), how do you know when it’s complete, and how detailed you have to be. This video will walk you through everything you need to include. Before you hit play, download the free tech […]

How to Get Fashion Flats from Illustrator into Excel for Tech Packs

You’re probably doing your fashion tech sketches in Adobe Illustrator, but creating tech packs in Excel or PDM / PLM software. It’s tedious to export every image from Illustrator as a JPG and then import / place it into your tech pack. This video tutorial will show you the quickest way to get artwork out […]

Free Excel Tech Pack Template

Creating an Excel tech pack template from scratch is TEDIOUS! And if you don’t set it up right, you’ll be stuck manually updating A LOT of data. With my free template, you’ll save hours of hard work. ? Now, most people charge $45+ for a tech pack template ?‍♀️ Mine is FREE. Plus, you’ll also get step-by-step videos […]

SFD085: How this Mom Got her First Tech Design Job After a 12 Year Career Break

Nicola Osborne is a technical designer who got her break back into the fashion industry after taking 12 years off to raise her family. Getting back to any career after 12 years is a daunting task, but getting back into the fashion industry is an even more intimidating one. As Nicola says in her own […]

Technical (Fashion) Design With Adobe Illustrator

You’re currently reading Chapter 7, Part 6 of The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design Not a “designer” working on the creative stuff? “Technical” designers still have to use Illustrator. As a technical designer (AKA TD), your responsibility will most likely include: Turning color fashion flats into black and white tech sketches Creating […]


You’re currently reading Chapter 9 of The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Fashion Portfolio (in a weekend) How do you put a technical design fashion portfolio together (or a merchandiser, pattern maker, etc)? Just because a lot of “non-design” roles aren’t as visually “sexy” as a fashion designer portfolio, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of […]

How to Create Technical Flat Sketches in Illustrator

Many designers use inefficient methods to create tech sketches in Illustrator. This tutorial will show you the quickest and most effective way to organize your files so they’re easy to edit, manage and maintain. You will learn: 00:34 The main tool you want to use to efficiently create tech sketches in Illustrator 01:49 How to […]

How to Add Arrow Callouts to your Fashion Tech Sketch in Adobe Illustrator

After you sketch your fashion flats, you need to turn them into tech sketches to spec out all the details. In this video tutorial, we’ll use the Graphic Styles feature in Adobe Illustrator to create custom arrowheads for all the construction and detail callouts in your design. I’ll also show you how to save these […]

Technical Fashion Flats in Illustrator: A More Artistic Approach

When sketching flats and designing in Illustrator, we put our best foot forward to do top notch work and make awesome presentations.  But it’s easy to lose the “design appeal” when it comes to technical flat sketches. If you’re preparing for a big presentation and really want to wow your client (or boss!), here are some tricks you can […]

Create a Technical Fashion Flat

Fashion design is more than just making pretty sketches; learn the basics of making a technical sketch from one of your designs.

The Ultimate Guide to Fashion Industry Terminology & Abbreviations

The fashion industry is intimidating. And if you don’t know the right terminology, you can embarrass yourself…like I did.

Years ago when I first got started in the industry, I had no idea what a tech pack, BOM, graded spec or block was. CF, HPS, DNTS…it was acronym and terminology overload. Which is why I made this guide. So you can sound (and act) like a pro.

Download FAQs

Questions about your free downloads? Find answers here! Thanks for understanding that I’m unable to provide personalized answers to questions for free downloads. So to help you out, I’ve answered the most common ones here! (Psst! If you want help with Illustrator, tech packs, etc, the best way to get that is by enrolling in one of my premium courses.) Q: What […]

Top 10 Podcast Episodes: Successful Fashion Designer

You’re busy. Which is why I hand picked the top 10 podcast episodes based on where you’re at in your fashion career: a job, freelancing, or your own brand. Listen to the industry’s top rated show now ?


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