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Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts for Color and Repeating Patterns (with animated GIFs!)

When you’re working with color and repeating patterns in Adobe Illustrator, it’s frustrating to feel like everything takes FOREVER! Chances are, you just don’t know the right Illustrator shortcuts for fashion. Learning these simple tricks will help cut your design time in HALF. Which is why I put together my best and top 23 shortcuts […]

Seamless Repeating Patterns For Textile (Or Surface) Design In Illustrator

You’re currently reading Chapter 7, Part 5 of The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design A while ago, I surveyed my email list of 10k+ fashion designers to ask them what skill they most wanted to learn in Illustrator. Drawing fashion flats won. Close second? Repeating patterns. See? Like the BIG nerd that […]

How to Warp Repeating Patterns in Illustrator

If you fill your fashion flats with textile patterns, the result may not be what you want. The pattern will look very flat and straight, and not realistic at all. This video tutorial will show you how to bend and curve the pattern inside your fashion sketch so that it looks more natural on the sketch. In the […]

How to Break Apart Repeating Patterns in Illustrator

Easily grab and design element or motif from repeating patterns with this quick trick. Whether it’s a pattern you grabbed from a stock photo site or one that your coworker created, learn how to break it open and pull out what you need.

How to Create Specs for Repeating Patterns

A lot of the work I do is print/textile design based, so I’m constantly creating specs for artwork to send to factories.  Here is how to prepare artwork in Adobe Illustrator to make sure your design is executed accurately. Many factories also love to get a printout of at least a portion of the artwork at full scale so […]

Plaid Repeating Patterns in Illustrator

Working with repeating patterns for the first time? Plaids are quite simple to make and are a great starting point!

Repeating Patterns in Photoshop w/ Vector Smart Objects

I’m partial to Illustrator for patterns, but sometimes Photoshop serves your needs better. Learn how to make repeating patterns in Photoshop using motifs from Illustrator.

Repeating Patterns in Illustrator CS5 & Earlier

Before the release of CS6 and the pattern making feature, repeating patterns were made manually (yes, it’s true, this used to be a DIY process!). Whether you’re working in CS5 or earlier, or you just want to know how to do it, this video will show you how.

Half Drop Repeating Patterns in Illustrator CS6

Pattern making in Illustrator used to be a manual and sometimes frustrating process. With the release of a pattern making tool in CS6, this process has been drastically simplified and made accessible to all user levels.

How to Create Specs for Repeating Textile Patterns

A lot of the work I do is print/textile design based, so I’m constantly creating specs for artwork to send to factories.  Here is how to prepare artwork in Adobe Illustrator for a tech pack (for fashion or surface design) to make sure your design is executed accurately. Many factories also love to get a printout of at least […]

Creating Repeating Textile Patterns in Illustrator CS6 & Newer

Learn how to use the Pattern Making Tool for quick and easy repeating patterns in Illustrator CS6 and newer. Free support file to follow along included.

Creating Repeating Plaid Patterns Roundup

Plaid patterns in Illustrator are actually pretty simple once you know the right tricks. Here are a couple different tutorials to show you how to create plaids both in AI and with a bit of help from Photoshop if you want.

Fashion Illustration Tutorial: Knit Repeating Pattern Textures

Creating realistic knit repeating pattern textures in Illustrator is a PAIN! This tutorial will show you how to make it easy in just a FEW steps! Here’s what you’ll learn: How to create a realistic chunky knit texture for your fashion illustrations using a photo How to apply the knit texture to your fashion flats […]

What Size Should A Repeating Pattern Be for Printing?

Whether you’re a fashion designer, textile design, or surface pattern designer, you’ll need to spec your repeating patterns for manufacturing. This video will show you how to determine what size your repeat tile should be for printing based on print type (rotary screen, flat-bed screen, etc). You can also use this technique if you’re prepping artwork for Spoonflower.

How to move and scale patterns in illustrator

It’s simple to resize / move / transform patterns inside objects in Illustrator – and this video will show you how. You will learn: 00:19 What is an engineered pattern in fashion? 01:20 How to place a repeating pattern swatch on the chest of your fashion flat by drawing it manually or using a clipping […]

How to Draw Ruffles Filled with Repeating Pattern Swatches in Illustrator

With a few simple tricks, this tutorial will show you how to add dimension to your ruffle sketches and add a pattern fill to your fashion illustration: You will learn: 00:42 How to conceptualize drawing your fashion flat to fill it with a pattern swatch 01:40 Tricks to draw the ruffles with the Pencil Tool […]

How to Recolor Tonal Patterns in Illustrator (the fastest trick)

There are a lot of tutorials about recoloring artwork in Illustrator, but I haven’t seen any that document working with tonal colors.  This tutorial will show you how to recolor prints, heathers / melanges, and other textures or repeating surface / textile design swatches that you want to keep tonal. This specific example is demonstrated using a 3 […]

How to Create Space Dye Fabric Texture Patterns in Illustrator

Simple repeating textile or surface design patterns like stripes and polka dots are quick and easy to make in Adobe Illustrator, but textures like heathers, melange and space dyes can be more challenging. In this step by step Illustrator video tutorial, we’ll cover: How to convert a scan or image to vector using Image Trace […]

How to Break Apart Patterns in Illustrator

With tons of resources for grabbing free vector patterns online, you may want to use some of the motifs from the patterns in your artwork.  This tutorial uses a free repeating pattern from Vecteezy and a grunge texture from the same site to create a placed print for use on fashion flats. Watch the full video […]

The 20 Best Illustrator (& Photoshop) Repeating Pattern Tutorials

Learn how to create seamless repeats, edit pattern size and direction plus more awesome tricks for surface design with Illustrator.


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