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Why Should I Use Brushes in Illustrator?

Before learning how to make pattern brushes, it’s good to understand exactly what they are and why/when to use them.  Pattern brushes are a very powerful feature in Illustrator and offer many benefits: Improve file organization Speed up work flow Decrease time for editing/changing details Simply put, Pattern Brushes are repeating pattern tiles along a […]

How to Use and Load Custom Brushes in Illustrator

Brushes in Adobe Illustrator are a great option for anything that repeats linearly and this Illustrator tutorial will show you the basics of how to use brushes for beginners.  Some simple examples of brushes for fashion design essentials are stitching and zippers, but they’re great for other fashion flat details such as studs along a belt, or to emulate ruching […]

How to Recolor Brushes in Illustrator

Brushes in Illustrator are a great way to emulate many different fashion related items including stitching, rhinestones and sequins.  They’re easy to control and manipulate, and in this tutorial, we’ll go through how to change the color of brushes in Illustrator. The example below is shown with pattern brushes, but works with art and scatter […]

How to Load Brushes, Swatches, Styles & Symbol Libraries in Every Illustrator File

You may already know how to save custom libraries for things like swatches, symbols and brushes to use over and over again in your Adobe Illustrator workspace.  But did you know you can create a master template file with these libraries so you don’t have to reload libraries each time you work in AI? If you sketch tons of […]

Ruching, Ruffles & Puckering with Pattern Brushes

Pattern brushes are an amazing feature in Illustrator and their use will make many tasks easier and more efficient. Learn how to make a very simple one to draw ruching and puckering.

Quilted Down Effect Using Brushes & Patterns in Illustrator

Tutorial video plus a vector download including a fashion flat, pattern brush & repeating pattern for quilting.

Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts for Color and Repeating Patterns (with animated GIFs!)

When you’re working with color and repeating patterns in Adobe Illustrator, it’s frustrating to feel like everything takes FOREVER! Chances are, you just don’t know the right Illustrator shortcuts for fashion. Learning these simple tricks will help cut your design time in HALF. 💥 Which is why I put together my best and top 23 […]

How to Draw A Metallic Zipper in Illustrator (with the pull and stop in ONE brush!)

Drawing zippers in Illustrator is TEDIOUS! And if you want to add a gradient to make it metallic? You CAN’T do that in brushes! 🙄! In this tutorial, you’ll learn exactly how to: Create your ENTIRE zipper in one brush – including the pull, stop, stitching and more! The quick metallic “hack” effect for brushes […]


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