178: Q&A: Hey Fashion Designer, Are You Stuck in Your Comfort Zone?

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If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in your comfort zone and in need of a little push to take your fashion design career to the next level, you’re not alone and that’s the exact strategies we’ll be talking about in today’s episode.We’ll explore common struggles with seeking permission and the fear of hitting send on important pitches through the lens of our guest, Jacqueline Schumann’s, career. But fear not, because this strategy session will provide the guidance and mindset strategies Jacqueline (and you!) needs to break free from her traditional education and employee mindset. Get ready for an empowering and insightful conversation on how to give yourself permission for success. You got this!

About Jacqueline:
Jacqueline and a freelance denim designer who works with small to midsize-conscious brands.

She studied at FIDM where she learned how the industry works traditionally but after taking a break to have a family, as well as working in various industries, she lost her passion for it. Thankfully, she found it again through her own research of discovering better ways clothing can be made. These approaches are less harmful to people, animals, and our planet!

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