SFF175: Fashion Freelancer Q&A: How to Ask for Referrals to Get Consistent Income

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Welcome back, fashion friends! It’s Heidi here, and I am beyond excited to announce that we’re back with some BIG changes on the podcast! Our break was far from idle – we’ve been reflecting, brainstorming, and working on some exciting things behind the scenes. But let’s dive right into what you can expect from our revamped show! First off, we are zoning in on our ideal listeners. We want to reach fashion professionals who are feeling burnt out and looking for more opportunities in their careers. Maybe you’re considering a couple of options but aren’t sure if it’s the right move or maybe you’re unaware of the freelancing option. No matter where you are in your fashion journey, this podcast is here to support and inspire you. We recently conducted a survey, unrelated to our podcast name, and were blown away by the responses. Many of you expressed feeling undervalued and underpaid in the fashion industry. That’s why we’ve come up with a brilliant idea to tackle this issue head-on – finding a simple solution for fashion designers to get paid what they deserve. In the coming episodes, we’ll be shaking things up to provide you with diverse insights and perspectives on financing, freelancing, and the business side of fashion. We’re talking successful fashion freelancer stories, interviews with industry experts, solo episodes with yours truly, and even coaching sessions with our students! To ensure we cover all aspects of the industry, we’ll be inviting brands and clients who hire freelancers to join us. You’ll get an inside look at the hiring process, what they look for in freelancers, and the resources available to you. But wait, there’s more! We’ve made some changes to our schedule too. Starting today, we’ll be publishing new episodes every Monday. So mark your calendars and get ready to start your week with fashion inspiration and knowledge. Now, here comes the cherry on top – we’ve rebranded! After some soul-searching, we’re now proudly known as “Fashion Designers Get Paid.” We’re confident that this tweak will resonate more and help more fashion enthusiasts discover our show. So buckle up, fashionistas, because we’re here to empower you, educate you, and make sure you get paid what you deserve. Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes full of industry knowledge, success stories, and game-changing insights. And don’t forget, if you know any industry experts or have any suggestions for guests, shoot us an email at podcast (at) sewheidi.com. Thank you for your unwavering support, and let’s make this fashion-forward journey even more fabulous together!

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