Fashion Design Career Advice: Why You're Not Getting the Job (and more)
SFD068: Fashion Design Career Advice on College, Why You're Not Getting the Job, Freelancing and Factories

SFD068 Mailbag: Fashion Design Career Advice on College, Why You’re Not Getting the Job, Freelancing and Factories

Many of you have loads of Q’s about working in fashion…and I know it can be hard to find answers. Maybe you don’t know any industry experts to ask. Maybe your coworkers are tight lipped and not willing to share their secrets. Maybe you just don’t even know where to go. Which is why I’m excited to be back with another mailbag episode to give you fashion design career advice.

Once a month, I answer your Q’s on the Successful Fashion Designer Podcast. This month, I’ll be giving my best advice on college, why you’re not getting the job, freelancing and factories.

(If you want to submit your Q, email it to me anytime at podcast [at] sewheidi [dot]com for consideration.)

Here are the fashion design career advice questions I answer in this mailbag episode!

On getting the skills needed to get into college, and finding a good stylist tool, from Mila [1:28]

I want to study fashion design in college. But I’m afraid that I’m still not skilled enough to get in.
I’m wondering if there’s any way to build up my skill so I’m confident and capable of getting in? And I’m in the process of getting a good stylist tool, and want to ask if there’s any good apps and programs for tablets for fashion design?

On the essential things to know apart from illustration and tech packs, from Mary [8:08]

I want to know what are the other essential things one needs to know apart from illustration and tech packs,and what do you recommend will be of help to us, lastly when you started what did you learn first that put you in that different light.

On how to get a job in the industry, from Noa [14:09]

I am writing to you hoping you help. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and majored in Accessories Design. I’ve since interned in a few places but now that I am looking for a permanent job in the industry I can’t seem to land one. I’m getting interviews so I know my resume isn’t the issue. I have a portfolio and I looked at your website to only use relevant-to-job designs yet I’m missing something obviously. I’ve used the websites for fashion, recruiters, and nothing seems to work. I was advised by my school not to have an online portfolio since people are more likely to steal ideas that way. I’m hoping you can help me in anyway by giving me direction or looking at portfolio which I can send you via email.

On common practices when working with a freelance client, from Austin [20:15]

I have my first design client on the line, but I’m lacking confidence in formatting designs and how to present questions without letting on that I don’t really know the drill!

I want to see some of their other designs to get a feel for how they are accustomed to seeing things presented. Is it common practice to ask my contact at the brand to pass them along to me?

On finding the right factory and pricing from your line, from Riaa [22:31]

I managed to find a few suppliers that I have visited their factories before. I have sent them my designs and has asked them to quote me.

All of them, perhaps, knew my inexperience in the field, quoted me a very high price for samples and bulk production. Except one supplier – who is rated quite well on alibaba but I have never seen their factory before. I just happened to reply to one of their emails and they quoted me reasonable prices for my designs. The problem is i want top notch quality stitching. Should i be cautious that they are quoting me much lower than the rest? What would you do in my position?

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SFD068: Fashion Design Career Advice on College, Why You're Not Getting the Job, Freelancing and Factories

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