Using Email to Successfully Pitch Freelance Clients for Fashion Designers with Melissa Mendez

SFD 002: Using Email to Successfully Pitch Freelance Clients with Melissa Mendez

May 15, 2017

After Melissa experienced what she thought was a heart attack while working in the corporate fashion world for over 10 years, she knew she needed to make a big life change. For over two years, she’s been working as a freelancer and running her own design agency. She uses her industry network and cold pitching in email to get new clients (including a $15,000 contract from one email!) and in this episode, Melissa shares it all.

Get Melissa’s email pitch template here.

You will learn:

  • How to transition from corporate to freelance fashion design work
  • How to use free resources to educate yourself and build your own business
  • Strategies to get new clients using your current network
  • Using email to pitch and land clients
  • The 4 podcasts Melissa listens to that helped grow her business
  • What you need to do before cold emailing any company or person to offer your services

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