How to Get Freelance Fashion Design Jobs on UpWork: Successful Fashion Designer Podcast Interview with Kim Dippel by Sew Heidi

SFD 016: How to Get Freelance Fashion Design Jobs (using Upwork)

August 21, 2017

If you’ve ever browsed Upwork to get freelance fashion design jobs, you probably felt like it was a lot of junk and low paying gigs. But it is possible to get real projects from legit companies (who pay a fair wage). In this interview, fashion freelancer Kim shares how you can get more freelance projects on Upwork.

Kim Dippel is a fashion designer with 12 years of experience working for surf brands like Oneil and Quiksilver. After having a baby and moving away from a hub, she wanted to try freelancing. After not having any luck with her existing contacts, she turned to UpWork where she successfully landed a few ongoing clients that have kept her consistently busy. In the interview, Kim shares how to land your first few gigs, why honesty and transparency is essential to building relationships, and how to raise your rates with clients.

You will learn:

  • What you can do to land your first few jobs and build up your ratings
  • How to write a custom proposal and get the client’s attention
  • Red flags to look for when deciding whether to take a project or not
  • What to watch out for when bidding project based (flat fee) work
  • How to negotiate your rate without cutting yourself short
  • How to transition clients off UpWork
  • Strategies to track correspondence (phone, email) to make sure you get paid for your time
  • Why your website should be a cohesive representation of you as a brand
  • Why it’s ok to ask your client a lot of questions


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Get Freelance Fashion Design Jobs on Upwork

Get Freelance Fashion Design Jobs on Upwork

Get Freelance Fashion Design Jobs on Upwork