Illustrator is the only thing standing between you and your dream. But that “proficiency” word keeps coming up.


I’ll show you exactly how in this 49 page PDF guide. Even if…

  • Thought of Illustrator terrifies
  • You feel like you’ll never learn how to do everything
  • Your hand sketches are 100x better and faster

“I’m more confident with AI and it’s not this big, scary thing that I am just going to do WRONG.” – Heather D.


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Job Hunting & Resume Advice for Fashion Industry Professionals with Chris Kidd of The Successful Fashion Designer Podcast with {Sew Heidi}

SFD 006: Job Hunting & Resume Advice for Fashion Industry Professionals with Style Careers Founder

With inside access to fashion industry employers and exposure to job seekers at their career fairs, Chris has learned what works - and what doesn't - in the job hunting process. We discussed the importance of presenting yourself as a modern candidate, what sectors of the industry are booming, and the most important information to include on your resume.
The Ultimate Guide to Fashion Design Industry Terminology & Abbreviations

The Ultimate Guide to Fashion Industry Terminology & Abbreviations

The fashion industry is intimidating. And if you don’t know the right terminology, you can embarrass I did. Years ago when I first got started in the industry, I had no idea what a tech pack, BOM, graded spec or block was. CF, HPS, was acronym and terminology overload. Which is why I made this guide. So you can sound (and act) like a pro.


"Everything finally feels acheivable and you’ve made it very easy for people to learn Illustrator." - Hayley R
"You’re my first reference when I need to figure out how to do something or I think 'there must be an easier way!'" - Karen L
"I did a 2-year fashion course and I still learned more in this video than in 2 6-week modules!" - Calvin D
"I'm more confident with AI and it's not this scary thing that I am just doing WRONG." - Heather D

Why I wouldn't trade a freelance lifestyle for the world

Watching people you love get old is hard, and my in-laws are no exception. They’ve had some really unfair health challenges, and while they’re doing ok, we have no idea how much longer they’ll be with us. As I write this, I’m sitting at their dining table with a view of Marc flying his drone and the dogs romping in the backyard.
What Size Should My Textile Design Repeating Pattern Be for Printing and Manufacturing? Free Illustrator Tutorial: Successful Fashion Designer by Sew Heidi

What Size Should A Repeating Pattern Be for Printing?

Whether you're a fashion designer, textile design, or surface pattern designer, you'll need to spec your repeating patterns for manufacturing. This video will show you how to determine what size your repeat tile should be for printing based on print type (rotary screen, flat-bed screen, etc). You can also use this technique if you're prepping artwork for Spoonflower.